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8 Things For Your Brand Name To Be A Brand Leader!

by Jack Sims

1. Make sure that it has a natural appeal to the target audience: Ask your customers if the name appeals to them, remember your opinion really doesn't count, try to make it as uplifting and as memorable as possible.

2. Make it easy to remember: Don't make it complicated, the KISS (keep it simple) concept really works quite well most of the time.

3. Is it easy to spell? Is it Mariott Hotels, Marriot Hotels or Marriott Hotels, get the point?

4. Make the message as clear as possible: So many times we get caught up with what we think is important. The reality is that it's what is important to our potential customers.

5. It's easy to say: This can work with you or against you. For instance Smuckers Jellies, how many times have you said Schmuckers?

6. Ensure that the name has longevity: For instance Lever 2000 is very successful, but it really was risky to use the 2000 date. Make sure not to put on any restrictions that relate to time.

7. Make it sound right: Does it flow nicely? In automobiles the use of the same letter to start and end the brand name is effective. Or when a vowel is added to a brand name it often adds to the uniqueness and appeal to the target audience

8. Make sure that it's readable by the target audience. So many times creative people design logos and company names to win design awards. Make sure that your target audience can read it easily.

Rest assured that if you are entering an established market that someone has tried to go through this exercise before and has probably come up with some of these names. So make sure when you have managed to get the list finalized to 2 or 3 that you get them checked through the trademark and copyright process.

Copyright 2003-2013 by Jack Sims



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