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Benefits of the World Speakers Bureaus Association SM

1. Educational Opportunities

Some of the Most Knowledgeable People in the Speaking Industry speaks at our bridge-line "Conference Classes". We encourage all our members to share their wisdom as leaders & participants in these Conference Classes. Also, Professional Speakers from our Bureaus love to share their wisdom with us during these Conference Classes.

Conference Classes are Seminars that are given over the telephone. Some of these seminars are FREE to our Members, except for any long distance charges that may apply for those who need to make a long distance call to attend.

If you have a suggestion for a Conference Class, please e-mail us with your suggestion.


Telephone Conference Classes Service:

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2. The Bureaus Survey Reports

The WSBA conducts Surveys with the 200 plus Speakers Bureaus in our database to discover answers to our Members questions about the Speakers Bureaus Industry. These Surveys are shared with all our Members without any additional charge.

(Many times our Members' Professional Speakers come up with the best questions.)

In compliance with Federal Anti-Trust Laws, there are a few questions that we are not allowed to ask on these surveys. These questions primarily deal with the Marketing & Representation Fees that are set by individual Speakers Bureaus.

3. The Bureaus Referral Network

The WSBA members "Co-Broker" leads for speaking engagements. A Bureau may have a Client, but does not have the right Speaker for the event. This is an opportunity for both Bureaus to come together to satisfy the Client & share the bureau commission.

Bureaus can also promote their "Exclusive Speakers" to other Bureaus through our Official News E-zine,
the "Speakers Bureaus News".

4. Personal Promotional

Members have the opportunity to submit their articles & tips for other Bureau Professionals that can be published in the "Speakers Bureaus News". This provides all our Members with more information on building their Professional Speaking Skills & Business.

5. Professional Recognition

All Our Members Can Be Considered For The "International Speakers Bureau of the Year"TM Award.

The World Speakers Bureaus Association SM want to ensure that our Members are recognized for their Exceptional Service, including one Speakers Bureau who is recognized as The "International Speakers Bureau of the Year"TM.

If you are interested in information about nominating a Member Speakers Bureau for this award, please e-mail us at:


6. Leadership Opportunities

Become a Member of our International Advisory Board.

The World Speakers Bureaus Association SM is always looking for leaders to help improve our association. We are always interested in improving our service to our Members and our International Advisory Board is always there with great insights.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the WSBA Avisory Board e-mail us at:


7. A Certificate of Membership

This identifies you as a Member of the World Speakers Bureaus Association SM and let's others know about your commitment to building the quality of your Professional Skills & Business Services.

Currently, we are working to add benefit #8 to our list of benefits:
"The Annual World Speakers Bureaus Association Conference".

This will be a great opportunity to come together to hear the World's Best Professional Speakers
teaching you how to make your business even more enjoyable, profitable & efficient!

We are always looking for new benefits to offer our Members.
If you have a idea for a new benefit, please email us a the address below:


(It is our goal to continually improve the benefits to our members.
Benefits will be changed from time to time as required by the WSBA.
We will do our best to keep this website up date to reflect changes in our benefits.
Changes may be made by the WSBA without prior notice.

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Thanks for visiting our website. For information about becoming a member of the World Speakers Bureaus Association SM, please send us an e-mail at the address below:

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